Traffic Deal: Earn Free Premium in 15 Mailers of Your Viral Network

Get up to a total of 450,000 mailing credits each month on super responsive and active mailers – Find out how below

Your Viral Network by Matthew Graves is a huge and untapped resource for affiliate and network marketers to get traffic and build a list.

Your Viral Network has about 50,000 members in 15 mailers combined. To reach this members base for free is almost impossible, so one must check out the upgrade options.

Every mailer in this network has a very affordable Quarterly upgrade for $18.

All 15 mailers also have an option to earn a free Quarterly Premium membership by passing up 5 personal referrals.

Either you buy Premium or earn it, the main benefits are:

  • 1,000 Credits DAILY (Credits accumulate daily even if you don’t mail)
  • Ability to Email DAILY
  • Double Credits When You Click Emails
  • 50% Commissions

Here’s a list of all 15 Matthew Graves’s mailers – check if you are not a member of some of them and join it: Newly launched – 1500+ members 2700+ members 2600+ members 3600+ members 5000+ members 3200+ members 2900+ members 3300+ members 2500+ members 4800+ members 2400+ members 2800+ members 3400+ members 2300+ members 3300+ members

There are 2 ways marketers are using to promote these mailers to earn free Premium:

1) Promoting 1 Your Viral Network site at a time

2) List all 15 mailers on a landing/splash page or email

Overall creating a listing of all 15 mailers may work even better, because this way one person may sign up on multiple mailers.

Cross-promoting on Matthew’s other sites is also very common practice.


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