List Building Plan

If you don’t see results in your business, then it’s most possibly because you are not building a list.

 Plan to build a list of 1000 subscribers in next 2-3 months 

1000 subscribers is already good enough to earn $500+ a month.

From that point you can scale up your business fast and focus more on paid avertising.

To prove you, that it Is possible to build a list fast with mostly free credit-based advertising, here’s a screenshot from my Getresponse account:

Without going into technical stuff here, what you need, is just 3 main things:

1. Your offer/lead magnet you describe on your lead capture page. 

It does not have to be free report, you can just describe your business with few concise sentences and add a call to action to fill in the opt-in form.

The simpler your lead capture page is, the better, but it must still be quite informative and create curiosity.

2.Your autoresponder and follow up messages.

You need a reliable autoresponder with good email deliverability and consistent following up with your subscribers about your business.

Many marketers try different autoresponders, but by the end, a lot of them choose still either Aweber or Getresponse.

Following up may be an obstacle for many marketers. It need some learning and testing. Still in most cases email copy and follow up series are given by company or uplines.

3.Targeted traffic

If you checked out my Traffic Generation Plan, there I have listed 2 ways to reach that certain traffic level you need to achieve a goal to generate 10-15 subscribers a day, resulting 1000 subscibers in 2-3 months.

You just have to send on average 500+ visitors a day to your lead capture page, using mailers and ad exchanges.

It’s totally doable, there’s nothing complicated. You just need to take few hours each day to take for driving traffic and looking for new traffic sources.

How many subscribers is necessary to get your business rolling?

Of course it depends on your business and a price point, but overall we can say that if you have a list of 100 subscribers, you may make some occasional sales.

If you have 250 subscribers (still a very small list) and are adding them daily, then you may experience sales already each week.

Starting from 500 subscribers you may see your business finally “rolling” – sales come in more often and you get some strong business partners/downline members who are starting the duplication process in your team.

500 subscribers may sound a lot, but even that is still a tiny list. It’s just the early stage of your business and you can generate this amount of leads in just 4-6 weeks if you follow the Traffic Generation Plan.

Hope you got some information and inspiration from this post – there’s really nothing complicated in building a list and doing it fast.

You just need to take some action, learn something new and have a strong desire to succeed.