Create a Simple & Effective Lead Capture Page with GetResponse

Need a Lead Capture Page? The following tutorial will show how to create a simple LCP/hosted web form with GetResponse.

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If you want to start building your list fast and are looking for tools to build a LCP, then a very easy solution is to create a hosted web form with GetResponse.

Without needing any special design skills you get nice-looking a well-converting LCP.

This tutorial shows how to get LCP for 25 Dollar 1 Up but whatever business you have, build your list first and this is why you can make use of this tutorial too.

Before you can start creating a hosted web form, you need:

1.Create a list
2.Add at least 1 autoresponder message

See tutorial to create a list and autoresponder messages here!

The steps creating a hosted web form are following:

Step #1. On GR dashboard choose “Create form”

Step #2. Wait till templates under “List Builder Wizard” are loaded – you’ll use one of them to create a hosted web form

Step #3. Choose the template you like.

Step #4. Drag text blocks wider to be able to add more text

Step #5. Enlarge the size of web form to be able drag text block more wider. Double-click on web form to make “layout” link accessible

Step #6. Delete Name field if you do not want to request subscriber’s name

Step #7. Edit the text of subscribe button, drag it to resize and move it

Step #8. Remove/replace background image

Step #9. Edit form Settings (settings icon indicated with red arrow) and hit “save”.

Step #10. Hit “Save and publish”

Step #11. On next page choose following option:

Step #12. Click the link of hosted web form to preview page.

Link to visit this Lead Capture Page is here.

This whole process takes maximum of 30 minutes and as a result you get fully functional Lead Capture Page you can start promoting right away.

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