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How to Create an Autoresponder Campaign in GetResponse

The following tutorial will show you how to set up an autoresponder campaign in GetResponse. It consists of:

  1. Creating a list
  2. Adding autoresponder follow-up messages
  3. Sending a newsletter (a broadcast message)

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1.Creating a List

Step #1. Click on “Menu” in upper right corner of your GR dashboard

Step #2. In left drop-down menu select “contacts”

Step #3. Click on “Create list”

Step #4. Choose suitable name for your list, hit “create” and then you are done.

Now you can move to:

2. Adding Autoresponder Follow-up Messages

Step #1. On your dashboard, click “Create autoresponder”

Step #2. Select the list you want to associate the message with. Set the first message to go out on day 0, then it will be sent immediately after subscribing

Step #3. To create your first follow up message, scroll down and click “Create new email”

Step #4. Determine the settings of your first message and click “Next step”

Step #5. Next, you have to choose a template for your email. It’s recommended to have a simple template. Click on “Start from scratch”

Step #6. From options given, you might choose a blank template

Step #7.
Follow the directions in message editor to add a text block. Delete the sample text and write or paste your message.

Step #8. Scroll down, click “Plain text” and in the pop-up click “HTML to Plain”. Plain text version of your message is necessary to reduce spam score of your email

Step #9.
Click “Test message” to send message to your own email. Proofread it and test links.

Under “Test message” check also SpamScore

Step #10. Publishing Message. If after testing message everything is o.k. then hit “Next step”. On next page scroll down and hit “Save and publish”

Step #11. Adding other autoresponder messages. Just repeat the same process described above over again. Creating 2nd autoresponder message you may want to choose it to go out on Day 1, for 3rd message on Day 3 and so on.

3. Sending a Newsletter (A Broadcast Message)

The process of sending a newsletter is overall very similar to creating an autoresponder messages, there are just some pecularities.

Step #1. On your dashboard, click “Create newsletter”

Step #2. Choose Drag-and-Drop email editor for creating message

Step #3. Determine your newsletter’s settings and hit “Next step”

Step #4. Creating your newsletter’s message.

The exact same process as previously described in autoresponder’s tutorial Step #5-Step #9

Step #5. Choosing recipients. Select the lists you want to send your newsletter to and hit “Next Step”.

Step #6. Getresponse will calculate the SpamScore of your message. If it’s o.k. then your message is ready for sending .

Step #7. Sending the newsletter. If you hit “Send” then your newsletter will be sent after 60 seconds. You have an option to cancel your sending during this time frame.

If you choose “Schledule” you can set the message to be sent later on your selected time.

When you have completed these steps, the next thing is to get web form and a capture page, so you can start promoting your capture page and building a list.

I have covered this topic in a separate post, click here to read it.

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Create a Simple & Effective Lead Capture Page with GetResponse

Need a Lead Capture Page? The following tutorial will show how to create a simple LCP/hosted web form with GetResponse.

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If you want to start building your list fast and are looking for tools to build a LCP, then a very easy solution is to create a hosted web form with GetResponse.

Without needing any special design skills you get nice-looking a well-converting LCP.

This tutorial shows how to get LCP for 25 Dollar 1 Up but whatever business you have, build your list first and this is why you can make use of this tutorial too.

Before you can start creating a hosted web form, you need:

1.Create a list
2.Add at least 1 autoresponder message

See tutorial to create a list and autoresponder messages here!

The steps creating a hosted web form are following:

Step #1. On GR dashboard choose “Create form”

Step #2. Wait till templates under “List Builder Wizard” are loaded – you’ll use one of them to create a hosted web form

Step #3. Choose the template you like.

Step #4. Drag text blocks wider to be able to add more text

Step #5. Enlarge the size of web form to be able drag text block more wider. Double-click on web form to make “layout” link accessible

Step #6. Delete Name field if you do not want to request subscriber’s name

Step #7. Edit the text of subscribe button, drag it to resize and move it

Step #8. Remove/replace background image

Step #9. Edit form Settings (settings icon indicated with red arrow) and hit “save”.

Step #10. Hit “Save and publish”

Step #11. On next page choose following option:

Step #12. Click the link of hosted web form to preview page.

Link to visit this Lead Capture Page is here.

This whole process takes maximum of 30 minutes and as a result you get fully functional Lead Capture Page you can start promoting right away.

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