25 Dollar 1Up Success Plan

If you have either joined 25 Dollar 1 Up or are interested in this business, but have some confusion on how to market it, then here on this page you’ll find some step-by-step guidelines.

25 Dollar 1 Up Pay Plan in short:

  • Earn 100% commissions on $25, $100, $250 and $500 sales
  • Everyone’s 2nd sales are passed up, thus creating massive leverage
  • Note: Only sales commissions are passed up and not referrals. You keep all personal referrals.
  • Override sales on $250 and $500 level to create even more leverage. Example: You are on $500 level and your personal referral who is on $25 level sponsors a member who joins at $500 level. Your personal referral receives $25 and you receive $475.

If you want to make this kind of money, then you need a Marketing Plan.

This “Marketing Plan” is actually nothing special or different – this is necessary to market successfully ANY business.

Marketing Plan for 25 Dollar 1 Up

What you need, is something very basic:

  1. A Lead Capture Page – follow the link and tips below
  2. Autoresponder and follow up messages – there are 15+ messages available for you
  3. Targeted traffic (free and paid)

Here are quick links to my tutorials:

How to set up a Lead Capture Page (a hosted web form) in GetResponse

How to create a campaign with autoresponder follow-up messages in GetResponse

Options and tips for Lead Capture Page

There are 2 options:

1. Use the lead capture pages provided by 25 Dollar 1 Up. The ones that have an opt-in form are lcp3, lcp4, lcp5 and lcp6. Those pages collect names and emails that are stored under “Contacts” in your back-office. You can send broadcast (mass) email to your contacts on $100+ Level.

2. Use your own created Lead Capture Page. This is the entrepreneurial approach because this way you make it your OWN business and you have a feeling that you run your own business.

This may be the hardest part for marketers with few experience, but there’s no need to over complicate it.

What you need to create your own Lead Capture Page (LCP) are: a) Idea b) Tools

Idea: Try to find answers to the questions: “How can 25 Dollar 1 Up solve visitor’s money problems?” and ” How you’ll help visitor to make money with 25 Dollar 1 Up?”

This is all what you need to write on your LCP. Be creative, figure it out and you need just 2-3 simple and concise sentences plus a call to action to visitor to submit an email.

Example of my LCP is here.

Tools: What tools to use for creating a LCP?

There are really many choices, all are good to use:

  • Free hosted landing page providers like: AdKreator, Splashwizard, Createsplashpages – you may know more of them than me
  • Hosted web forms of autoresponder services like Getresponse or Aweber – a very easy way to get a nice LCP (see link above for tutorial)
  • A simple html LCP that you can create with Kompozer and upload to your server – requires a domain and a hosting account

Final thoughts regarding LCP:

Place opt-in form above the fold – do not let visitor scroll down to find it

Done-for-you, replicated solutions? Looks easy way and is sometimes good, but may turn into marketing suicide. Imagine once competing with 100s of similar pages. Your opt-in and conversion rates are dropping dramatically, no matter how good the LCP is.

On the other hand, copying others is totally o.k. This is what we do all time, adapting other’s people’s ideas, making them suitable for us.

Driving Traffic to your LCP

While I have listed already a lot of traffic sources on a page Traffic Generation Plan then here I just tell, that in order to stay in competition, you need a lot of traffic from multiple sources.

With credit-based advertising 100-200 visitors a day is too few – you’ll be tired soon of not getting results and not seeing sales with so low traffic.

To prevent becoming frustrated with your results, the only way is to try hit as hard as possible driving traffic from the very beginning, reach 500+ visitors a day soon and later try to achieve 1000+ visitors/day.

  • Focus first hand on list building. If you do not see sales yet, but you see your list growing, then your business is already up and running
  • Let follow up messages do their work converting subscribers to sales – just keep driving more and more traffic to your LCP and sales will come

If you have any questions, send me an email to mail[at]hotopps.info

Thank you for reading!